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  • Have been or thought to be denied by a banking institution
  • Have debts for $ 10,000 dollars minimum
  • Be a Canadian citizen and resident of Quebec


Intent of the loan:

  • Pay the creditors (Banks, Caisses Populaires, credit cards, finance companies, providers, government debts, collection agencies, municipal/school taxes and others.)
  • The loan cannot be used for purposes other than a consolidation. Therefore, the suggested product cannot include funds for personal purposes.

To whom does this option is right?

In order to qualify to get a consolidation loan, a consumer must have a sufficient income to demonstrate the possibility to manage this loan, by demonstrating the ability to make the monthly payment of the consolidation loan, in addition to pay regular expenditures and monthly invoices.


All our products and services are supervised by a rigorous follow-up and our ongoing training "Learn how to become your own banker" provided to the consumer for a period of 12 months or more, if needed. This training is offered through a of planning program for savings and credit management.